Homemade Treats for Sadie!

Hey guys! Hannah here and I’m finally ready for my first blog! I know it’s been awhile and I apologize. Life happens … but now onto blogging. So I’ve been on the search for some good DIY dog treat recipes that I could try for Sadie. After trying a few of them … I think we found some that we really, really like! Rosanna Pansino has some really great ideas and I discovered a video of hers that I found was easy, quick and helpful! Best thing about youtube videos is, there are no long recipes you need to read. Just pause, read the screen, get what you need and press play! Love it. My tip would be,  first … watch the video in its entirety. Then, make a list of the ingredients you’ll need from the store. Once you are back, get your counter space all ready to go and press play! Ro goes through three treats … The first is Mini Mut Mints, the second is Sweet Potatoe Doggy Biscuits and last … and the cutest for your doggy’s birthday is her PB & Carrot Mini Pupcakes. Sadie’s favorite was PB and Carrot Mini Pupcakes for sure!! What will be your furry friend’s favorite? Below is the youtube video for easy reference. =) Ro also has all the recipes on her blog, instagram and twitter accounts. You can also find links through pinterest. Pinterest is one of my best friends on finding ideas for Sadie and almost anything creative in my life!

I should point out that I decided to share this video because Ro used all organic gluten free products. We have to do the best for our babies, and starting off with healthy treats is definitely the way to go!!!

My Three Top Tips In DIY Treats: 

  1. Find recipes that will include ingredients that work well for your furry friend. It’s even a more of a win win if you can double use some of the ingredients in your own cooking i.e. vegetables, oatmeal, etc. Recipes that include organic, gluten free products like these from Rosanna are even better for our buddies!
  2. Youtube videos makes it really easy. If you can find a combination of recipe and video from one source, that’s always the best! With the ability to pause and play as you would like, you eliminate a lot of back and forth from a book or to a phone and you are able to get through your first “trial” of the recipe quicker.
  3. Give yourself an extra set of padded time if it is your first time trying a recipe. It is also always best to do any prepwork ahead of time. This is best done, by reading your recipe or watching your video ahead of time and seeing if any prep work can be done ahead of time to make your first trial go even smoother and quicker.

Now that we got our treats down … what’s everyone doing to keep you and your four legged friend in good shape? Did I hear Dog Parks? Well … Sadie and I have been on the go, checking out the best Dog Parks in California. Bring Fido is an awesome website that is all about places and information that is dog friendly. Everything from hotels, restaurants, events that are dog friendly and more. I came across a great article on their website that lists the best dog parks in California and of course Sadie and I were on a mission! You can read the article here. If you have been to any of these parks, I would love to hear your thoughts! Personally, we loved Oceanside Dog Park for the amount of space Sadie had to run around and it was just a nice park for us to spend the afternoon. I thought it would be helpful to share my list of things to check out and assess when looking for a good dog park for your furry best friend.

What To Look For When Scoping Out Dog Parks

  1. Space – Is there sufficient amount of space for your four legged friend to get his or her energy out? Is the space safe? Are there cliffs or hills that are not fenced off? These are all things to look for in ensuring the space is safe.
  2. Cleanliness – Most dog parks require owners to clean up after themselves. Look around to see if they offer Poopy bag stands along trails and play areas. Are the owners that are using these parks following the rules? If you see a lot of you know what laying around … I would move on to the next option.
  3. Play Areas – Dogs vary in sizes and just like children, having a separate play area of larger dogs as well as smaller dogs is similar in the idea of parks having separate play areas of infants and toddler ages versus 5 and up. It’s all about safety!
  4. Grounds – Grass and gravel are best for our pups. It is important to look for grass that is free of burrs and for gravel, it should be a pea type for soften up the padding under your pup’s feet.

If all of the above line up, then my friend, you have most likely found yourself and good dog park that you and your pup can enjoy!!

dog park pic